Kaserolle BB S1360024


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Some areas of use

A perfect Grill

Grill anything | BarbIQ.no

Grill anything! Fish, meat, chicken, or vegetables.

Boil coffee or tea

Boil coffee or tea | BarbIQ.no

Making yourself coffee or tea in the wilderness is easy.

Lights up with

Campfire with wood from the forest

Dry wood and twigs | BarbIQ.no

With dry wood and twigs, you easily and efficiently light a campfire.

Use with Gas or multifuel burner

Gas and multifuel burners | BarbIQ.no

Gas or multifuel burner must be placed on the bottom grid (extras).

Some feedback

Salmon fishing in Finnmark

Mostly it is freezing cold, but with BarbIQ on the river bank, it is easy to make something hot to drink or warm cold and stiff fingers.

Put some green leaves on the top of BarbIQ to make some smoke to chase away the mosquitoes.

Make all kinds of meals on BarbIQ, it is very easy.

Brilliantly pleased with the BarbIQ

We are brilliantly pleased with the BarbIQ. We have used it with small wood and barbecue briquettes and it works excellent with both.

The heat is getting well and stays surprisingly long. The grill appears as a quality product.

The only thing I could imagine was a small lock that held it together when it was assembled and not in the folder, but that’s a minor thing.

Dovre – Norway 2016

We used BarbIQ a lot in Rondane, Norway this summer and did not regret for a second that we made this investment.

We cooked coffee, barbecued sausages and the kids fried pancakes. When finished, we put it in the river for a quick cooling and cleaning, before we put it in the bag.

The BarbIQ is lightweight, convenient and takes little space.

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