Barbecue tools for our foldable grill

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Grillverktøy til vår sammenleggbare turgrill |

Barbecue tools for our foldable grill

We have made a small selection of barbeque tools for our foldable grill. Barbecue equipment specially adapted for use with our BarbIQ grill.

BarbIQ Grill Pinch is a great tool for grabbing food lying on the grill without burning your fingers.

The pinch can also be used to grip and lift the grids. Equipped with convenient locking lever and Teflon-coated handle.

Fits together in the bag with the BarbIQ Outdoor Kitchen, and is easy to clean.

BarbIQ Teflon Mat is a convenient Teflon grill mat with a thickness of only 0.20mm. Suitable for all types of grilling and baking.

When used on BarbIQ Outdoor Kitchen, the mat prevents frying fat from spilling onto the embers and igniting.

Can replace frying pan. Clean easily with paper towels or soapy water or in the dishwasher.

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