About BarbIQ

About BarbIQ

About BarbIQ | BarbIQ

As the inventor of BarbIQ, it is a pleasure for me to present my product.

My goal was to make BarbIQ to be a unique and small portable grill/kitchen.

BarbIQ has become a small and multifunctional grill which is easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s environmentally friendly and easy to bring in your backpack or bag.

BarbIQ is exellent to use when camping in the nature or BBQ at home. BarbIQ can be used with many types of fuel; barbecue coal, dry wood, and spirit burner.

With BarbIQ you can Barbeque, coock, fry and have a small bonfire wherever you go. Comes with spark matt and a great transport bag.

I hope you will enjoy using BarbIQ.

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