Areas of Use

Areas of use and type of fuel

BarbIQ is a small and multifunctional grill. BarbIQ is easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s environmentally friendly and easy to bring in your backpack or bag. BarbIQ is exellent to use when camping in the nature or BBQ at home. BarbIQ can be used with many types of fuel; barbecue coal, dry wood and sprit burner.


Grill anything |

Grill anything! Fish, meat, chicken, or vegetables. Grilling in aluminium foil is popular and good. For grilling use approx. 250 grams of barbecue charcoal or briquettes, dry wood can also be used.

Charcoal and briquettes

Areas of Use - Charcoal |

Grill charcoal, barbecue briquettes or coconut briquettes.


Areas of Use - Frying |

Fry whatever you like; Beef, chicken, fish or vegetables. Stirring in aluminum foil together with vegetables is perfect.

From the forest

Areas of Use - Dry Wood |

With dry wood and twigs, you easily and efficiently light a bonfire.


Areas of Use - Cooking |

With a saucepan on BarbIQ, just about anything can be boiled, it’s just the imagination that sets limits. Place dry wood, charcoal, gas or multifuel burner on the bottom grid.

Sprit burners

Areas of Use - Sprit Burners |

Sprit burner(s) is placed on the bottom grid (extras).

Boil coffee or tea

Boil coffee or tea |

Making yourself coffee or tea in the wilderness is easy with your BarbIQ.


Areas of Use - Bonfire |

To make a bonfire on the BarbIQ is very easy and effectively. BarbIQ requires less firewood, it is easy to ignite and to extinguish. It leaves no trace of a bonfire in the nature.