Return and refund

Return and refund

Right of refund and return of goods

At, we want to facilitate a simple and quick return. Remember that you contact us by phone +47 91535712 or e-mail via our contact form before any return is initiated.

30 days money back guarantee

For you to feel 100% confident with your purchase, AjLarsen Products ( offers you as a customer 30 days money back guarantee!

The money back guarantee is valid for 30 days from receipt of the item and if the item can be resold as new. This means that the item must be without visible damage. All original labels must be intact and adhere to the product, and the original packaging must be included.

Please do not place tape, stamps, labels or the like directly on the original packaging and remember to pack your return so that it is not damaged during transport.

Of course, the money back guarantee do not apply to items on sale or all product categories, so please contact us before sending any product in return.

Download the return form. The form must be completed, signed and always accompany any return shipping.

Right of refund

If you want to regret your purchase, you always have 14 calendar days from the last item received. It is the “Right of Repeal Act” which regulates the duties and rights between the consumer and the trader (see Act on disclosure obligations and right of withdrawal in the case of distance sales and sales outside fixed premises ).

The right of refund gives you as a private person the right, at no extra cost, to check the product before it is returned within the right of refund. If the product is only tested or checked in the same way as you can in a general store, the customer shall have the entire purchase price and shipping refunded to the customer. If the product is used (during the right of refund) and this has led to a reduction in the value of the goods, AjLarsen Products ( will make a deduction in the purchase price corresponding to the objectively reduced value, before the rest of the purchase price and shipping to the customer are repaid. Documentation of irresponsible and unnecessary examination of the product resulting in value reduction will be sent to the consumer by email.

We ask that you do not remove labels and treat the original packaging / sales packaging well.

The refund period does not apply to goods which, for health or hygiene reasons, cannot be resold (eg: safety equipment in climbing, underwear and close-fitting exercise clothes) or that are sealed (eg: GPS maps, memory cards etc.). If in doubt, contact us first. Items that deteriorate or expire quickly (eg food and supplements) are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

In order for the right of refund to be the debt, you must take active action. In practice, this means that you are not required to deliver the shipment by, for example, orders sent by mail order, but you must ask the carrier yourself to return the goods to us and you must pay the return costs yourself. If parcels return to us because you do not collect it or perform an active action (ref point above) you will be charged a fee of NOK. 350, – + shipping and return shipping. This is billed to you separately.

Change of item

Do you want to exchange goods, e.g. to another size, this is usually arranged in a straightforward manner. If you are unsure about something please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Wrong Delivery

Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes or products get confused. Of course, AjLarsen Products ( accepts the responsibility and costs for correcting errors when this happens. Please let us know as soon as possible after arrival. The product must be returned with original packaging and in the same condition as it was received.

Warranty and claim terms

Warranty is provided by the manufacturer, distributor or retailer and applies to all defects in the product that have not been intentionally or negligently used by the user.

Norway has a very good law that regulates sales to consumers. This entails, among other things, both duties and rights that both the seller and the buyer must comply with. Laws dealing with consumer purchases include the Consumer Purchase Act, the Undertaking Act and the Marketing Act, we recommend reading Lovdata ( ) for supplementary legislative texts.

Some manufacturers have their own warranty terms that are better than those provided by the Consumer Purchase Act. In these cases, AjLarsen Products ( naturally gives this right further.

If any physical damage occurs and / or the item is damaged due to external influences, the warranty on the product lapses. Examples of this may be moisture and water damage, overvoltage or modification of the user himself, which does not comply with the instructions for use of the product.

Manufacturer User Help

Many manufacturers and suppliers prefer to carry out user support and improvement on their own products. This is often justified by the fact that they have the foremost knowledge and expertise of their brands and have the most experience on their own products.

This is an offer to our customers to use this, it is of course quite possible to contact AjLarsen Products ( directly if this is desirable.

Return of defective item

If the product has defects or defects, you can apply for a return if the product is within warranty. You do this by contacting us before returning the product.

If you have a product that is defective and this is not a warranty case, we may be able to repair it. In order for us to consider repairing your product, you must submit a request describing the item and the defect.

On return, the product must be as complete as possible (charger, power adapter, etc.) and packed securely, preferably in original packaging. Remember that the product can be heavily processed by the carrier.

If the product is damaged in any way by e.g. water, overload, impact, shock or other provoked damage voids all warranty. This also applies if factory seals are broken.

If you submit an item that has been discontinued (no longer produced), extra processing time for repair / replacement can be expected. Upon return, the customer is responsible for the product until we receive the item from the carrier (traceable shipping methods are recommended). This also applies if the goods should be lost or damaged in any way.


As a general rule, we credit the return amount to your credit / debit card. When this is not possible, the amount is paid to your bank account, so always make sure to enter your bank account number. If you have paid by invoice / collection, we are dependent on a bank account number in order to pay the amount of the credit.

Download the return form . The form must be completed, signed and always accompany any return shipping.

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